Fitness in the future – predictions for 2015 and beyond

Feb 20

Author: Loic

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Body weight training is set to be the top fitness trend for 2015, according to a research survey the American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM). Body weight training knocked High Intensity Interval Training off the top spot from 2014 results, in the data collected from fitness professionals. Such data has been collected over the last nine years and has shown a correlation from year to year with up and coming trends.

So what fitness trends can you expect to see in 2015? The top five are:

1 – Body Weight Training
Body weight training came into the list in 2013 at number 3, and in just two years has ousted high intensity interval training from the number one spot. While body weight training has been around for a long time, the resurgence in popularity of body weight exercises is partially due to some rising fitness celebrities like Frank Medrano. Or simply that anyone can do the workouts as no equipment is needed. Perhaps the draw is that this type of workout can be done anywhere, not require a gym and so gives a lot more freedom for trainers and individuals alike.

2 – High Intensity Interval Training
Dropping from the top spot HIIT is relegated to second this year. The draw of HIIT to individuals is the time crunch factor. Busy lives mean we get less time to workout and HIIT does the job in a short period of time with workouts taking less than 30 minutes. HIIT was the workout of 2014 and it seemed like everyone was doing it, perhaps not always well and to the protocols of a traditional HIIT workout which may have lead to some of the controversy surrounding HIIT and injury.

3 – Educated, certified and experienced professionals.
It’s important to remember that education and certification in the fitness isn’t currently regulated by a governing body. Anybody can get business cards printed that say “personal trainer” without experience, education or certification. Consumers should research trainers, and ensure gym staff is knowledgeable, experienced, certified and insured. Also check to see if they are up to date with continuing education and certifications are current. You wouldn't trust anyone who says “I’m a doctor” with your health, why trust someone who walks up in the gym and says “I’m a personal trainer”. Do your research. After all you are putting your health in their hands.

4 – Strength Training
The CDC recommends strength training a minimum of two times a week for health, so no surprise that strength training has had a strong popularity on the survey results for years. Whether your focus is building muscle, endurance or simply for health strength training will probably be on the top 20 for many years to come. Sometimes the best exercises are the old ones.

5 – Personal Training
It’s been in the top 10 for the last 9 years and whether it’s in gyms, private homes or online, personal training is set to rise in 2015. With the increase in demand there has been an increase in certifications which may lead to legislation for regulation of licensed personal trainers, as yet there is no legislation passed. Personal training may continue to see an increase due to the increase in health problems in the general population and the need for a more individualized program.

Other fitness trends rounding out the top 10 include: Exercise and weight loss, yoga, fitness for older adults, functional fitness, group personal training. Consumers, while seeking out more educated fitness professionals, seem to be getting more educated themselves on what it needed for overall health with a focus on total body and holistic workouts for all ages.

Noticeably absent in the top 20 were previous top 20 trending activities such as Zumba®, Pilates and group cycling. Zumba® specifically has shown a big decrease in popularity dropping from a top 10 position in 2012 to 34th out of 39 in 2015, and as a result has been labeled a fad in the survey. Trends reportedly tend to build over a few years, while fads come unexpectedly for a year or two then disappear.

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