Quiksilver Designed a Wetsuit That Looks Like an Actual Suit

Apr 29

Author: Loic

Tagged under: surf, surfing, quicksilver, ocean, water, trend, cool, design

Today we come across a rather cool initiative by Quiksilver Japan and agency TBWAHAKUHODO. Together the two created the True Wetsuit, a wetsuit that looks like an actual suit. Made from jersey neoprene and a stretchy “dryflight” fabric, the suit comes complete even including a tie and goes for a cool $2,500. Quiksilver offers the suit in three versions – black, navy and even a tuxedo version. You can shop them now fromTrueWetsuits.jp. In the above video you can see how the True Wetsuit allows you seamlessly go from the office onto your surfboard and catch some waves. The fact that they are actually offering these is pretty great. Will we see a lot of people using the True Wetsuit? Probably not.

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