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Aug 17

Author: Team Sudeste

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In this section you will find technical (and not so technical) articles and news from our Team Sudeste.

The basic idea is to share with you all these years of coaching, competing and experiences from being amateurs in our sports to fully dedicated international athletes.

In our team we've got a wide range of skills from specialised sports such as Gymnastics, Trampoline and Athletics to multisports and ocean activities such as Open Water Swimming, Lifesaving, Surfing and Triathlons.

Some of the athletes in our team have contributed to their own national teams competing in world championships and a number of international competitions.

We will be publishing their Bios here and you will have the chance to know them through their articles published in this section and obviously meet them in our trips.

Stay tuned and thanks again for being part of the Sudeste's big family of sports enthusiastic and competitive athletes.

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