Argentina, one of the biggest countries in south America, has incredible breath taking natural landscapes and beautiful cities.

Buenos Aires is the capital of the country and the cosmopolitan gateway to South America, and in many ways, a spectacular place. The city is divided into ‘barrios’, or neighbourhoods, each of which is distinct in personality, sprit and culture.

Argentina’s gastronomy is world renowned, in particular the ‘asado’, made with some of the finest quality meat in the world; all of which is accompanied with a good Argentine wine. Asados are more than a barbecue, they are a great opportunity to socialise and of course are a source of much needed protein for our training sessions.

In the north of Argentina are the Iguazu Falls, an area of outstanding natural beauty, they are truly magnificent. To the south, is Patagonia, with amazing mountains and lakes, excellent winter skiing which have enticed sports enthusiasts, hikers, horse riders and adventurers   for generations.

Friendly people, nice summer weather and lots of adventures are waiting in this incredible and vast country.

Average weather climate for Argentina

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