Portugal is one of the most fascinating destinies in Europe, it has something for everyone, from historic cities such as Porto and Coimbra to the rich cultural centre that is Lisboa. If cities aren't your thing then there is stunning countryside a plenty on offer, also it's very cheap!!.

This country has a strong past connexion with the sea, beautiful beaches, lovely little towns and cities and lots of incredible landscapes of olive and wheat plantations and wine yards as well.

Algarve coast offers highly developed stretches of beach in which you can practise any sport with us. The rest of the coast is really quiet and isolated.

Almost every corner of the country represent a stunning destination for all kind of water sports. Swimming in the Atlantic ocean on Portugal coasts can be really fun and exiting.

Believe us, nothing matches the perfect waves for surfing within the vast and incredible beaches that Portugal has to offer... just delightful!!

Average weather climate for Portugal

Average weather climate for Portugal

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