Surf Training & Swim Programs

Whether your aim is to get fit, healthy or into the competitive world we think we can provide with the tools for developing your skills within your sport.

Train with us as a professional athlete using a wide range of specific 'dry land training' like Ben Skinner AKA “Skindog” and Lee Burtlett UK Pro Surfers performing over the well known Indo Boards balance trainers!


Surf Training - Functional Training

  • Whether you’re surfing for fun, fitness or competitive motives, taking up our Functional Surfing Training is the perfect way to take your surfing in a new direction.
  • Contact us to find out more about getting involved as well as tips and support from our top surfers, Personal Trainers and performace coaches.

Open Water Swimming - Training

Open water is the perfect way to take your swimming into a new dimension. Our specialised swimming coaches have prepared an 8-week training program to get you started.

Contact us or follow our blog to find out more about how to get involved, support and further training programmes, tips and competition tactics from our specialised team of open water swimmers and coaches.


Performace analysis for all levels to measure if training is going well and continue improving! 

Swim Technique & Stroke Analysis sessions

We also offer stroke analysis sessions in an Endless Pool in Chichester UK

  •  Underwater and above water cameras
  •  Stroke analysis by our qualified swim coach
  •  Slow motion playback of video clips
  •  Corrective drills suggested

Cameras positioned underwater in front of the swimmer, to the side and above the swimmer are used to observe your swimming stroke. A monitor at the side of the Endless Pool provides instant feedback to our specialised coach and swimmer.

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