Surf Rescue & Lifesaving

Surf Rescue - Lifeguarding & Lifesaving is a way of life!

We are a team of experienced lifeguards and trainers with over 20 years of surf rescue and lifesaving experience, working on many beaches worldwide including South America and Europe.

Our first hand experience in dealing with a broad number of rescues, resuscitations and first aid give us the edge to succeed in this fascinating profession.

Lifesaving is the core and foundation of what we do and with the same passion our aim is to:

  • make safer beaches
  • educate communities
  • and ultimately to save lives

Join us... being a beach lifeguard is not only very rewarding on a daily basis but in our opinion one of the best jobs you can ever dream of.

To learn more about our International Lifeguard Qualifications click (and share) this link!

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