Surf Training

Why Surf Training?

Here at Sudeste we understand that surfing is an on going progression where you never stop learning, evolving and having fun. With so many years experience in surfing, lifguarding and elite sport coaching we are very happy to be able to take your surfing to the next level in the safest and most enjoyable way possible.

As a team we pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge and the professionalism that you would only find in top level sports coaching. We utilise a whole range of coaching and training techniques from in water instruction, video analysis, biomechanics, surf specific exercises and even theory on all aspects of surfing from boards to forecasting to deepen your knowledge of the sport.

So each day we have theory lessons covering every aspect of surfing including: swell forecasting; board design; etiquette and judging, not to mention the time we’ll spend in the pool working on paddle technique, duck diving , turtle rolling and board agility.

Splitting our time between the water and land based sessions we can really take the time to work on specific aspects of your surfing. We use physical exercises to increase flexibility, strength, stamina and body awareness and video analysis combined with in depth biomechanics to ensure you understand fully what you are trying to achieve before we hit the water.

In the water we are always on hand to offer tips, guidance, safety and the confidence to be able to really enjoy improving your surfing.

With the variety of techniques at our disposal we can tailor your coaching program to suit exactly what you need. Whether it is help on positioning and reading waves in the line-up, or perfecting that backhand smash, we will provide clear, informed coaching that follows a logical progression to help you achieve your goals on top of having an amazing time, with fantastic people, in one of the worlds most beautiful locations.

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